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March 4, 2019
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Things to know for selling junk cars for cash online

Sell junk cars for cash

If you are frustrated in seeing your old car lying in your garage, then selling junk cars for cash is the best option for you. However, since the condition of your car is not at its best, you might need to do a little work for disposing it off. First of all, you need to gather all the documents and records of the car. Then you have to take car pictures from various angles for online posting. You might also need to check whether you have any pending bills or loan on the car and must clear it off. After that, you must conduct some research on the car prices, search for prospective buyers and start negotiating on the prices.

Documents required for selling junk cars for cash

The procedure to sell junk cars for cash involves certain documents to be fulfilled. These documents may vary by state. However, there are some types of documents that are required globally. Important documents for selling junk cars for cash are mentioned below:

  1. Title: This represents the ownership of the vehicle. If you have some outstanding debt on your car, you must first get it cleared. In some situations, when the car is too old or you have lost your title, then you have to contact your local DMV for applying replacement.
  2. Bill of sale: It may not be mandatory in every situation, but it serves as a proper record for all the transactions between the seller and the buyer. If you find any difficulty in accessing bill of sale you can contact DMV.
  3. Release of liability: This form is usually required when you are selling junk cars for cash to a private party. Submitting this form protects you from any responsibility regarding the sale of your car.
  4. Other documents: Documents that have not expired are of great value including warranty cards and service vouchers. Sometimes keeping a record of service and repair work comes in handy while selling your junk cars for cash.

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Advantages of selling your junk car for cash as a trade-in

Although there are various ways of disposing of your junk car, trading it to a dealer is arguably the easiest and the most convenient option. The trading depends on the type of car and its running condition. This method might not fetch you as much money as selling it privately but it relieves you of all the hassle that you may go through for listing the car on selling platforms, taking and negotiating with prospective buyers and arranging a meeting and test drives for them.

 Selling junk cars for cash with problems

If you have lost your car title, you don’t have to worry much. All you need to do is to visit the nearest DMV location and apply for a replacement. It might take some time, but in the meantime, you can carry out the negotiations with the buyers. Sometimes the bank loan for the car has still not being paid and it may pose problems while transferring the title. In such a situation you can either just pay off the loan or talk to your bank for settling the loan during the transaction with the buyer. If there is some excess money remaining, it will be released along with the title. If your car is in very bad condition and it is hard to find an interested buyer, you can still dispose of it off by selling it in scrap to a junkyard company. Getting cash for cars is not a very difficult process, you only have to select the best method.

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