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Truth And Lies About Places That Buy Junk Cars

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If you are trying to squeeze some money from the junk car that you own, you must know that there are a hell lot places out there that buy junk cars. The competition is stiff and you won’t find a better place than 1888paycashforcars to sell your junk car for cash. The junk car industry is full of fraudulent and scams that reside in shady practices when it comes to selling junk cars for cash. A ton of lies hovers around the industry about the places that buy junk cars for cash which must be cleared and truth be known.  Here is a list of Truth and Lies about the local junk car buyers:

Places that buy junk cars

LIE:  If your junk car is unable to run, local junk car buyers won’t be interested in it.

Truth:  Most of the businesses who buy junk cars like 1888paycashforcars will take your car no matter the condition make or model of the vehicle. Even it has wheels, a working engine, an intact chachis or not they will take it for cash. They have multiple uses for different parts, metal, wheels etc and there’s a lot your junk car can do for them.

Lie: Weight Scale Has Tampered

TRUTH: Reliable and established businesses in the junk car industry have certified Weight Scales as in the case of 1888cashforcars. The more tons your junk car weighs the more money it will fetch and based on that fact people think the weight scale might be ripped off. But not in the case of established places that buy junk cars.

LIE: You should remove non-metal components from your junk car

TRUTH: People often think that the junk values in terms of the weight of the metal and it’s true so it is better to remove the other parts. But the tricky part to this is that there are a lot of parts in the vehicle and these parts might not have any value as they are outdated and probably junk as the car itself. So for selling junk cars for cash if you to remove them beforehand you cant do it alone and have appointed a mechanic which will cost you. The cost depends on the complexity of the vehicle and also after you have removed them you won’t be able to get any bucks for them assured only losing money to the mechanic. So what’s best is leaving the junk car to its condition and get money for your car directly selling it to the junk car buyer?

LIE: You will have to pay for the removal of the junk car

TRUTH: Junk car buying companies like 1888paycashforcars do not charge any extra cost for removal of your vehicle. In fact, 1888paycashforcars executive will come to your location to pick up your vehicle along with a cash payout on the spot. You don’t have hassle about towing your car when dealing with 1888cashforcars as all of the bits are taken care of and you get instant cash on the spot for your junk car whenever you want and wherever you want.

LIE: Not removing the license plates of your junk car.

TRUTH: Most people say that it is not important to remove the license plate of the junk car while selling the junk car for cash to the local junk car buyers or any junk car dealer, as the car would be ultimately trashed and flattened out. But to the contrary, the license plates don’t stop being useful when a car retires from service. It is a legal requirement in several states that you remove license plates from the vehicle upon transfer of ownership and your DMV will likely ask for the license plate when you apply to cancel the title.

LIE: You don’t require paperwork while selling the junk car for cash

TRUTH: As a matter of fact if you think your car is going to be flattened out by a junk car dealer after you sell it for cash and no documents of showing proof of ownership would be required then you are mistaken. Most dealers will likely knock you off if you have the required paper works. Places that buy junk cars or any sort of car requires paperwork as a necessity. Getting your car title in order allows you to transfer ownership to the dealer, so if anything happens to your car before its trashed you won’t be involved in any sort of investigation.

LIE: You won’t get top dollars from local junk car buyers

TRUTH: 1888paycashforcars is your junk car dealer next door. We provide services all across the country. We have a special get a quote section on our website where your car will be evaluated for the best deal possible. You will have the sweetest of the deals if you connect with us. Being in the industry for more than 25 years we are most accredited car removal service in the USA. So if you want to get top dollars for your junk car contact us.

If you wish to earn top dollar, then you must select the best company to sell cars for cash. is one such company that is highly experienced and offers good value for your car. The company is highly reputed across the US and delivers high-quality services to its clients.

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