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Steps to sell damaged cars

Quick Steps for Selling Your Damaged Cars | 1888paycashforcars

It is not as easy to sell a damaged car as it is to find a buyer who is ready to pay good cash for a damaged car, knowing all the defects and damages the car has is quite difficult. Here are some simple steps which will ease you in selling a damaged car.


  • Analyze the damage and then estimate your car cost:


The first step towards selling a damaged car is that the seller must be very clear about the damages the car has as this will help them estimate the cost for their car. Sometimes there are internal damages in the car which are hard to find by the sellers themselves. So, it is better to call a mechanic who will report to you about the internal and external flaws the car has. This will help the seller in estimating a genuine price for their damaged car.


  1. Contact a junkyard if you think the car is a mere piece of metal:

    If you think that your car is so majorly damaged and you do not expect much cash if you try to sell it to someone, then you can contact the local junk car buyer in your area.

  2. See if repairing the car can increase its purchase cost:

    If you think that spending a bit on the repair of your damaged car can make it more presentable and will also help you in getting a better price from the buyer, then get it repaired 

     3.Calculate a genuine price for your car and then search potential buyers:

It is quite simple to understand that cash for cars the buyers offer will vary according to the type of buyer you select to sell a damaged car. For example, if you plan to sell a damaged car to a junkyard than you will be paid according to the metal cost, or if you choose to sell your car online then you might get a better deal. So, before approaching any buyer, calculate a genuine price for your car in your mind below which you will probably not sell your damaged car.

Quick Steps for Selling Your Damaged Cars | 1888paycashforcars


  • Get an online quote for your car:

There are websites which provide you with an online instant quote for your car. You just need to fill in a few details about the car. Some websites might also ask for the photographs of the car from different angles to provide you with the quote.


Ways to earn cash for damaged cars:

Cars are a basic necessity today. We spend quite a lot of time in our cars commuting from one place to another for work and for other life necessities. If the car you are using is troubling you every now and then due to the damages it can be quite frustrating. Moreover, it is not at all safe to commute in a damaged car. The best option is to sell it and buy a new one. Earning cash for cars becomes quite easy if know the correct technique to do it. Here we have mentioned some of the ways through which one can earn cash for a damaged car. 

  1. Sell the damaged car after getting it repaired.
  2. Sell it in the same condition it is in
  3. Sell the damaged car to the junkyard

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