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Junk Car Buyer: Earn Money for Your Unwanted Vehicle

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Sometimes, your car can become unusable due to an accident or a serious engine problem. When a car can’t run safely, it’s often called a junk car. But safety isn’t the only reason for selling it to a junk car buyer.

For example, if your insurance company pays a claim on your car and then says it’s a total loss, they might give it a salvage title. Your car could also be considered junk if fixing it costs more than it’s worth.

If any of these things happen to your car, you might wonder what to do with it. Selling your unwanted vehicle to a junk car buyer could be the best way to deal with the situation.

What’s a Junk Car Buyer?

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Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how to make money from your unwanted car, let’s clear up what a junk car buyer is and what they do. 

A junk car buyer is someone, either a person or a business, specializing in buying old, damaged, or cars that don’t work anymore. They know that cars don’t last forever, and when a car gets too old or broken, it can cost a lot of money for the owner. Junk car buyers help by giving cash for unwanted vehicles, no matter their shape or condition. 

Why Should You Think About Using a Junk Car Buyer?

Get Cash Fast

One big reason to think about using a junk car buyer is that they immediately give you cash. Instead of letting your old car lose more value, you can trade it for money immediately.

Tow for Free

Most junk car buyers offer free towing, which means they pick up your car without you having to worry about transporting it. They come to your place and take care of everything.

Help the Environment

Junk car buyers make sure to recycle and dispose of cars in an eco-friendly way. It helps reduce the environmental impact of old vehicles.

Free Up Space

When you sell your unwanted car to a junk car buyer for cash, you clear up valuable space on your property so you can use it for something better.

No More Repair Costs

Old cars can be expensive to maintain. By selling it to a junk car buyer, you no longer have to worry about costly repairs.

Easy Process

Selling your car to a junk car buyer is simple and stress-free. You don’t have to deal with the time-consuming task of listing your car online, haggling with potential buyers, or handling paperwork.

How to Sell Your Unwanted Vehicle?

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Selling a junk car is usually easier than selling a working one because the buyer isn’t as picky. But there are still some steps to follow to make sure everything goes smoothly and you get the most money.

Find Out What Your Junk Car is Worth

Before you try to sell a junk car, it’s good to know its value or if it’s a junk car at all. Even if your car is seriously damaged, salvaged, or not running, it’s worth checking. Online car value calculators can help you figure out how much your car is worth. Look for one specifically for scrap cars and compare that estimate to more general ones.

How Much Can You Get for a Junk Car?

Typically, junk cars are worth between $100 and $500, though some can be worth more. The actual value of your scrap car depends on factors that are almost the same as for anyone learning how to sell a car. Because they pay based on weight, heavier cars are usually worth more. So, you’d get more money for a Toyota 4Runner than a Honda Accord or a Nissan Sentra.

Take Out Personal Stuff

When you sell a junk car, you lose access to it, and anything left inside becomes the new owner’s property. Check the car carefully for personal things you want to keep. Remove items like your vehicle registration and auto insurance card with sensitive personal information. Also, remove the license plates because you might need to return them.

Remove Valuable Stuff

Your car might not be worth much, but some things inside it could be valuable. If the stereo and speakers are still in good condition, you could sell them separately. Take out anything worth money before getting rid of the junk car.

Gather Your Documents

To sell your junk car, you must have the car’s title or proof that you own it. Different states have different rules, but most require a title to junk a car. You should also get your car registration papers and insurance documents together. It will help when taking your car off the registry and canceling insurance or car warranty coverage.

Decide How to Sell Your Junk Car

The best way to sell your junk car depends on a few things about you and your car. Here are some suggestions for which method might be right for you:

Sell to an online junk car buyer It works for most people with scrap cars.
Private auto sale It suits those with cars that can still be fixed or rare junk cars with usable parts.
Sell to a local scrap yard Ideal for people living near a local junkyard.
Donate to a charity Great for those who can benefit from a tax deduction.


Who Pays the Most for Junk Cars?

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The option that pays the most for a junk car depends on your specific vehicle. A private auto sale might bring in the most money, but only if you find a buyer. Local and online junk car buyers might not pay as much, but they’re almost certain to buy your car, no matter its condition. Since online car buyers usually offer free quotes, getting instant offers from them is a good idea. These quotes give you something to compare with other options.

Finalize the Sale & Paperwork

Once you’ve picked the best way to sell your junk car, it’s time to make the deal official. Like selling any other car, you’ll need to sign the car title and hand over the keys. It’s the last step for some people, but there might be more depending on your situation.

Turn In Your License Plates

In many states, you have to give your license plates to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or a similar agency. Depending on where you live, you might be able to do this by mail or have to go to the DMV in person.

Cancel Your Car Insurance

If you still have insurance on the car you’re junking, cancel it to avoid paying for coverage you don’t need. You can do this right away if you’re selling to a scrap yard, whether online or locally.

If you’re selling to someone who plans to fix the car, wait until the registration is transferred to the new owner to avoid any potential issues. The same goes if you’re donating the car to a charity that will fix it instead of scrapping it.

Pay Off Car Loans

To sell any car, you need a title, even to a scrap yard. If you still have a loan on your car, you’ll have to pay it off first before the lender signs over the title. Most junk car buyers won’t buy a car with an active loan, so clear it before selling.

Cancel Extended Warranties

If you have an extended car warranty for your junk car, cancel it immediately. You don’t want to pay for a service you can’t use.

Check State Records 

After giving up your license plate and completing the title transfer, you should no longer be connected to the car legally. But there’s always a small chance things won’t go smoothly. Checking state records to confirm the title transfer went through correctly will give you peace of mind that the selling process is over.

In most cases, you can look online to see if your name is still associated with the car in state records. You can also call the DMV to check for you.


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