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Turn Your Wreck Into Cash — Sell Your Damaged Car Now!

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Like our bodies, our cars can wear and tear as we age. That once-gleaming vehicle that filled you with pride when you first obtained your driver’s license might now emit more groans and grinds than actual movement. It could have sustained damage from various sources, such as hail, fender-benders, or simply the natural wear and tear that comes with age—especially true for wrecked vehicles. Sometimes, you might even find your car refusing to start altogether. If you want to sell a damaged cars for sale or one of those wrecked vehicles that fit this description, you may be contemplating how to sell a damaged car for cash.

1888 Pay Cash for Cars specializes in purchasing broken-down cars for cash, and we handle these transactions daily. If you’re uncertain about whether your car qualifies as “broken down,” or you’re seeking guidance on how and where to sell a damaged car for sale, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to discover more about how to sell damaged cars or wrecked vehicles.

What is a Damaged Car? 

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If your car no longer starts, experiences constant breakdowns, stalls frequently, or requires substantial repairs to get back on the road, it falls into the category of “damaged car.” Initially, when a car breaks down or stalls, our instinct is to have it repaired. However, over time, the cost of these repairs to keep it running may surpass the vehicle’s actual value.

Moreover, even if your car is non-functional or exhibits significant damage to its body, such as dents larger than a baseball, broken glass, or missing tires, or to the interior, like ripped upholstery or missing airbags, you still have the option to sell damaged cars for sale or wrecked vehicles for cash with 1888 Pay Cash for Cars.

Why Should I Sell My Wrecked Vehicle? 

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If you find yourself with a wrecked vehicle and are uncertain about the next steps, selling the car often emerges as the most convenient and, sometimes, the most logical.

The initial question is whether it’s genuinely worth investing in repairs. You may be attached to your car, and it may motivate you to do anything to keep it operating. However, the reality is different for older vehicles already nearing their lifetime’s end. Sometimes, letting go and moving forward may be the best option.

Selling your damaged car offers the advantage of swift removal from your possession. Rather than investing time and money in extensive repairs, you can sell it promptly and receive immediate compensation. Once you sell a damaged cars for sale and accept cash, you can purchase a new vehicle at your convenience.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Wrecked Vehicles? 

The cost of repairing your car after an accident can vary significantly based on several crucial factors. When assessing whether repairing your damaged car is financially viable, consider the following key elements:

Vehicle Make & Model 

The manufacturer and type of your vehicle are important considerations. Manufacturers may no longer supply the necessary replacement parts for older automobiles, making their acquisition difficult and costly. Because of the premium quality of their components, luxury car brands frequently have greater repair expenses than standard brands.

Extent of Damage 

The degree of damage your vehicle has sustained has the most substantial impact on repair costs. Minor issues like dings, scrapes, or a broken taillight can often be addressed for a relatively modest sum, typically less than a few hundred dollars. Some minor damage may not require immediate attention if it doesn’t affect the car’s safety or performance.

Severe Damage 

On the other hand, significant damage, such as deployed airbags, engine failure, or axle damage, can result in repair costs reaching several thousand dollars. Sometimes, these repair expenses may exceed the car’s actual market value.

Total Loss 

When repair costs exceed the car’s value, insurance adjusters may declare it a total loss or “totaled” vehicle. In such situations, insurance companies prefer compensating you based on the car’s actual value rather than funding extensive repairs.

How Much Will I Get If I Sell a Damaged Car?

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When does a car receive the ‘totaled’ label? When your vehicle is involved in a significant accident, your insurance company may classify it as a ‘total loss’ or informally as ‘totaled.’ This designation means that repairing your car is either very close to or exceeds the cost of replacing the vehicle. This principle applies to physical damage, like bodywork, and mechanical issues, such as a blown engine rendering the car inoperable.

The specific criteria for declaring a car as ‘totaled’ can vary, often influenced by state laws. For example, an expensive car involved in a severe accident may not be declared totaled, while an older vehicle with significant damage might receive this designation from the insurance adjuster.

A car is deemed totaled in certain states if the repair costs exceed three-quarters of its book value. When a car is declared totaled, the insurance company will pay you a cheque for the car’s replacement value and then take custody of the vehicle, which they may sell to scrap merchants.

How Can I Sell My Wrecked Vehicle?

Selling your damaged car might initially seem unsettling, but it’s one of the most straightforward ways to part ways with your wrecked vehicle and transition to a new one. One highly efficient option is to sell your car to us at 1888 Pay Cash for Cars.

We’re ready to purchase your damaged car from Florida. All you need to do is visit us  or call 1888-729-2274, and we’ll promptly provide you with a quote for your vehicle. Once you receive our offer, our experts will assess your car and ensure it aligns with the provided quote. While some paperwork will be involved, we’ll swiftly take your car off your hands and provide you with payment on the spot.

Get in touch with 1888 Pay Cash for Cars and sell your damaged car today!