August 16, 2019
scrap cars for cash

Disadvantages of not selling junk cars for cash

Junk cars not only useless but are also a liability as they have to be regularly maintained and repaired. The owners generally do not want to […]
August 9, 2019
sell your old damaged car to local junk car buyers

Cash for cars that have become a piece of junk

A car which has faced an accident and the damage is beyond repair or the car has become so old that it has exceeded the time […]
July 19, 2019
Quick Steps for Selling Your Damaged Cars | 1888paycashforcars

Steps to sell damaged cars

It is not as easy to sell a damaged car as it is to find a buyer who is ready to pay good cash for a […]
July 12, 2019
Cash for cars in non-running condition is easy or not | 1888paycashforcars

Cash for cars in non- running condition: easy or not easy

If you have owned a car, you might be well aware of how much you get attached to it over the years. You always cherish the […]